Gummy Bear Darth Vader Helmet

Come Over To The Sweet Side With This Gummy Bear Darth Vader Helmet


Darth Vader is usually an unnerving and scary embodiment of the dark side, but in this incarnation, he's actually rather sweet. Literally. An artist who works under the name Crummy Gummy created an impressive recreation of Darth Vader's helmet, but out of an unusual material… gummy bears! This awesome sculpture was made using more than 1,000 individual gummy bears. It took Crummy Gummy about two months to complete and, by their own admission, almost drove them insane. The results are awesome, though, so their hard work paid off! Check it out!
Website: Crummy Gummy 





Crummy Gummy



We think this gummy Darth Vader is beyond incredible! We might get tempted and sneak a gummy or two off the back, though. Don't tell!

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