Genius Education Related Ideas That You’ll Wish You Had At Your School

Having the opportunity to receive and access an education is a blessing in itself. However, for those of us who have been in the school system our whole lives, there are definitely more than a few suggestions we could make on how to improve things. Some schools and universities have already taken the initiative to make changes and are on the way to being awesome places to learn. Here we have a selection of genius education related ideas that you’ll wish you had at your own school! Take a look and see what you think! 

Who doesn’t love popping bubble wrap?

Anti theft measures…


calculators stuck to wood


Binary code on chairs… kind of useless but a nice touch! 

Ceiling mirrors in a cooking classroom so students can see what the teacher is doing! 

A clock that makes you think!

classroom clock with math equasions on


These genius coasters allow people to test if their drinks have been spiked. 

The students at this school can keep active during class with these pedal desks! 

Periodic element tables. 

A designated nap room for when you need a break! 

Lockers decorated as book spines to create ‘An Avenue Of Literature’. 

This awesome kindergarten is built around a tree! 

This piece of homework has a barcode that links to an instructional YouTube video! 

A door that helps you to understand angles! 

A dog ‘therapy’ session designed to reduce stress during finals week. 

Although some of the things presented in these images would have been costly investments, we think that they are well worth it! Some of the best ideas shown here would have cost very little to implement and we think more schools should learn from each other. Often in life it’s the small things that can make the biggest differences! A happy environment where you can see that your teachers care about you is guaranteed to improve student mentality and morale. Keep going to see even more brilliant ideas! 

Now that’s what you call a periodic table! 


real periodic table


This building allows rainwater to come in so that students can play in it! 

Skateboard parking…

A slide going from the classroom directly to the playground! 

A university that installed huge slides! 

A noise level detector… 

Stairs with numbers to help kids learn. 

stairs with numbers on


A mini bike workshop station for repairs and tune ups! 

A reminder for students where to put cables! 

Designated lanes for your choice of travel speed… 

A vending machine type system that sells school essentials!

A solar powered charging station! 

A free sunscreen dispenser encouraging students to be safe in the sun. 

sunscreen dispenser


A handy stapler mounted to the wall for all to use! 


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