There are lots of facts out there on the internet, some of which are much more correct than others. You can pretty much present anything as a fact and the majority of people will believe you, rather than checking to see if it’s actually true. This hilarious list from the people over at 9GAG features fourteen little known “facts” which may or may not be true. Some of them are outright fabrication, whereas others are true but are glaringly obvious. You’re not exactly going to learn anything here, but we hope you’ll have a good laugh! Check it out!

So many ‘facts’ are presented like this!

Who would have guessed?


dr dre is not a doctor


His name was actually Stephen Sauvestre…

Every 60 seconds, everywhere, a minute passes. 

Check it out, you know you want to…

This is a fair enough statement to make…

So, what happens if you die somewhere other than Canada?

Off you all go to a translation site…


nickelback in spanish means literally the lucifer himself


We’ll save you the effort of researching this and tell you that it’s not true…

Whilst octopi may be intelligent, their religious beliefs are unknown.

Stating the obvious in a nutshell…

Rad-ish, get it? 

We think Tim Cook might have something to say about this!

Indeed! You should try it sometime! 

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