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15 Totally Awesome DIY Kids Toy Ideas – Part 1


Don't kids toys cost a fortune nowadays only for them to be set aside when they get tired of them? If you're having this problem in your household then why not think about making some really cool toys for a fraction of the store-bought price? Great family fun! Take a look at the 15 cool examples below to get your creative juices flowing and don't forget to check out part 2 with another 15 awesome ideas!


Don't forget to check out Part 2 of this post below:
15 Totally Awesome DIY Kids Toy Ideas – Part 2


This cool felt set is just what the doctor ordered! Instructions here.   


Kids just love pretending to be grown ups with their own car steering wheel!


car steering wheel



Fabric scrap blocks are cute, safe and easy to put together too!


Does your kid always try to get in on the action when you're working on your laptop? If so then this is just the thing for them! Instructions here.   


This cool plastic bin pirate ship can be made from a cardboard box, laundry basket or anything similar. It also doubles up as handy toy storage too!


These cool scoot-alongs are amazing fun! Instructions here.   


What could be more enchanting than this beautiful fairy house?    


How about creating this cute DIY sandbox? Instructions here.    





This cool see saw for experienced and confident DIYers can be made for under $20! Instructions here.



Magnetic fishing is a lot of fun. Instructions here.


Playing around with Sharpies and rubbing alcohol will enable you to create beautifully colored dancing ribbons. 


Playing at spies is such fun with a PVC periscope! Instructions here


These easy to make funnel tubes will keep little ones occupied for hours!


  Make this city play mat for far less than it would cost in the store! Instructions here.    


Old paint pots make the best ever drum kits!


Don't forget to check out Part 2 of this post below:
15 Totally Awesome DIY Kids Toy Ideas – Part 2



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