Delivery Fails That Will Leave You Shocked

Ordering online is so easy. There are millions of packages in transit at any one time. When you’re waiting for something, tracking its journey online is one of modern life’s little highlights. Then, all you have to do is wait! Don’t get us wrong, there are some awesome delivery companies and delivery guys out there. But, when things go wrong, they usually do so very badly. Take a look below at some images of delivery disasters. We really have no idea what these people were thinking!

FRAGILE! Well, it was…



van in house


That knock must have been quiet!


If this is damaged, we’d hate to see what it looks like destroyed!

Happy birthday. NOT!

What a hiding place. No criminals will find it there. Well done.

These delivery guys have got hiding packages down to a T.


Parcel goes incognito.


Who murdered the delivery guy?!


A bin, really?!

So, now you’ve seen some of these incredible delivery fails, we bet you’re really excited to see a lot more. In fact, we bet you have some hilarious stories about missed or bizarrely placed deliveries of your own. We’d love to read them in the comments below. In the meantime, keep on scrolling to see some images that’ll make you laugh out loud. Sometimes, it just seems easier to go collect a parcel yourself. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, to go to the store and buy your item in real life!

This parcel seems to have been handled with the utmost care.


footprint box


Why deliver a measly parcel when you can give them your full truck?

The delivery guy didn’t even manage to make a drop off at the FedEx store.



Well done delivery hero!

This pleases us in a strange way.

That looks safe.


Creative hiding place.

THIS is a safe place to leave a parcel?

Prize to whoever can spot the hidden package!

Do Not Bend.

Haven’t heard that excuse before!


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