Bottle Hacks

These 12 Awesome Bottle Hacks Will Make Your Life So Much Easier


When a bottle outlives its original use, what can you do? The first option that comes to mind is to recycle it, but have you ever thought of reusing old bottles and containers for other things? With a little thought and imagination, your old bottles can have a variety of cool uses. Check out these 12 awesome bottle hacks which will get your creative juices flowing. Soon you'll be re-purposing virtually everything you see!


This bottle piggy bank is so cute and is lots of fun to make on a rainy day!


Dipping bottle ends in paints and printing designs out creates a great effect.


bottle art



If you don't have a broom and need to sweep a room, take a look below.


This is a genius idea!


Painting is mess-free with this simple hack!


Keep your bags in one place with this DIY bottle bag holder.



Make one of these and never mislay your cell again!


bottle cell phone holder



If you don't have a watering can, make some holes in the top of a bottle lid with a hot needle!


Fill up water balloons quickly by putting water into an old soap dispenser!


Keep vinaigrette in an old Mio container for ease of transportation!


This is how to make perfect pancakes every time!


And finally, make a quick, easy and cheap faucet extender for young kids from an old plastic bottle!

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