People Around The World With Bizarre Collections


Since the dawn of time (probably) people have liked to hoard, and collect things. But while some people may stick to collecting stamps or autographs, others like to collect ugly troll dolls, rubber duckies or other people's smelly socks. Yes, I'm serious. Check out these bizarre collections from around the world. They are bound to intrigue you! 


Gina Lacuna, of the Philippines loves to collect, and make up, jigsaw puzzles. She has taken her obsession to a whole other level…once spending 1095 hours completing one puzzle!





Valli Hammer has collected 2450 rubber duckies. And no two are the same!




Rob Hull, from the UK, has the world's largest collection of Daleks. His official 2011 record was 511 but of late, he's increased his collection to 1202! And he's not even a Dr. Who fan! 





Margaret Tyler of London, England has turned her house into a Royal Family Mecca!


She even has a dedicated 'Jubilee' room.


Heinrick Kath of Germany collects beer mugs. He's got about 20,000 but the number is growing all the time.

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