Gifts And Situations That Made For An Extremely Awkward Christmas Morning

Christmas is the time of year where love and joy should be shared and spread. People often choose to give each other gifts as a token of their affections. However, sometimes these gifts can be a little, or a lot, awkward. Many of us have had to fake a smile upon receiving a terrible, embarrassing or strange gift but here we have a selection of people who we wouldn’t blame for not being able to fake it. Some are amusing, some are horrible but each we imagine would have resulted in an extremely awkward Christmas morning. Take a look!
Website: Whisper

This is awful!

Cruel or funny? What do you think? 


awkward christmas cell phone fake


A bit odd…

awkward christmas big teddy bear


We wonder if this has anything to do with the ‘ex’ part?


awkward christmas voodoo doll


Wow. We hope the brother was very young or this is harsh!

We shouldn’t laugh, but we did. Grandma gifts never fail to amuse!

We need to see this hat…

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