Camping On A Whole New Level

If the thought of camping sounds like a bore to you then check out these awesome tents that may swing you into trying it out! Each one is unique in their own way so there’s bound to be one to suit everybody. The best thing about them all is they are available right here on Awesome Inventions!

VW Camper Tent

VW camperYou’ll have the best looking tent in the field with this awesome tent!
Find it here: VW Camper Tent

Privacy Bed Tent


privacy bed tent

Full enclose yourself for the ultimate privacy with this tent.
Find it here: Privacy Bed Tent

Inflatable Bubble Tent

inflatable bubble tentIf you like funky designs and a lot of space this is for you! Imagine star gazing from your bed!
Find it here: Inflatable Bubble Tent

Truck Tent


truck tentTurn your truck into a comfortable and weatherproof shelter.
Find it here: Truck Tent

Hammock Tent

hammock tentThis is awesome! Suspend yourself above ground for a fun way to camp.
Find it here: Hammock Tent

Hanging Tent Platform

hanging tent platformAt least is you’re suspended off the ground there’s no fear of creepy crawlies getting in!
Find it here: Hanging Tent Platform


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