17 Awesome Closet Transformations You Never Thought Of


It is all too easy just to throw things randomly into your closet, not thinking about how the space could be better used. Closets are great for hiding all sorts of junk, but how about making yours a closet with only one designated purpose? Maybe your baby won't settle during the daytime and needs somewhere cozy and quiet, or you are gifting crazy and want your own wrapping station. Read on for 17 awesome closet transformations you will want to try.


Turn your closet into a napping station for little ones. They will love the den-like feel!



baby space


Create a space for your baby to rest with the added bonus of not having annoying sunlight shining in the windows. 


wrapping station


This gift wrapping station is cool, especially during the holiday season. Throughout the rest of the year the closet can be used for storage purposes.



cupboard bar


How about having your own in-closet mini bar!


It's not only the wealthy who can have their own wine cellar!   


How about having a kitchen extension?


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