11 Pictures Of Awesome Animal Sculptures Created From Rolled Newspaper


We’ve all heard of papier mache, and most of us have probably made some awful papier mache creations in elementary school that our parents still treasure. Japanese artist Chie Hitotsuyama’s sculptures are almost like papier mache but for grown ups. Using strips of tightly rolled newspaper, she creates the most incredible animal sculptures. The amount of time (and skill!) it must take to get it just right is ridiculous. These might just be some of our favorite sculptures ever! So, check out these eleven pictures of awesome animal sculptures created from rolled newspaper!



This wolf is incredible!


Check out this walrus family.



Chie Hitotsuyama


We love this green turtle munching on some sea grass.


Chie Hitotsuyama


Take a look at Chie in action!



Chie Hitotsuyama


It’s amazing how realistic this rhino looks!


We’re in awe of Chie’s talent!


You can almost imagine this group of monkeys coming to life!

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