3D Printed Cast

These Amazing 3D Printed Casts Look Like They Are From the Future


This futuristic 3D cast named 'Osteoid' looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie. However, this is science fact and could potentially revolutionize how broken bones are treated in the future. Designed by Deniz Karasahin, the plastic cast allows the skin to breathe with its cool cage-like construction. It is also waterproof, non-itchy and definitely not cumbersome like most regular casts.


So how is this amazing cast made?


A 3D scan is taken of the affected part of the patient's body, so that time special software can design a customized cast. Next, the information goes to a program which speaks to a 3D printer to create the final cast. The finished cast also incorporates a special low intensity pulsed ultrasound system (LIPUS), which rapidly aids the healing of broken bones. It would be impossible to install this system in a traditional cast due to the materials it is constructed from. For the fashion conscious, the cast can be made in any color of the rainbow and has the added bonus of looking incredibly awesome too!

Website: ADesignAward



3d-printed-cast-deniz-karasahian standing





3d-printed-cast-deniz-karasahian close up


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